Sunday, November 17, 2013

Is there still longing there?

Holy Guacamole! Have you heard Britney's new single "Perfume?" It is the most amazeballs song on the planet right now. Did I mentioned that I am biased to anything that Queen B puts out? There's no video yet, so you just get this little audio. I'm telling you as soon as I heard this song, I got chill bumps ... big ones ... like Appalachian Trail sized bumps. Just listen and you will understand what all the fuss really is about.

So here are my top five reasons for loving this song!

  1. No Britishney: She's gone! I do love her and I understand how she can be silly and witty, but I'm over it and I want to hear her in our native tongue.
  2. No vocal filtering: I have really been missing a straight forward vocal tract from Brit Brit. I got tired of producers trying to make her sound like the alien version of herself.
  3. Down with dubstep: Britney has a knack for having her finger on the pulse of what's fresh in the music industry. She has been a musical chameleon, conforming to whatever is popular at the time. So it's great that she's embrace EDM. Except when she does it on every song on her album. I'm just happy to hear instruments in the background again.
  4. So retro: The moment I heard this song it reminded me of one of the unreleased tracks on Oops or self-titled Britney. It sounded like one of the amazing ballads from her prime and I can't get enough.
  5. Personal: Britney wasn't lying when she said this is one of her most personal albums ever. I feel like she really focused on this song and it comes from the heart. It feels like my friend is pouring out her heart to me. Isn't that what music is supposed to be about? Having a special, personal moment with the artist.
 Britney just nails it with this song. I couldn't love it anymore than I do now. I'm so excited for December 3rd to come around so I can hear the rest of the album.

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