Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year. New Goals.

Happy 2014 y'all! I haven't been around much because the month of December brings my birthday, exams, grade posting, and a slew of Holidays. My two week break ends tomorrow and I feel like I just finished catching my breath from the whirlwind that is December.

Let me recap what's happened. I turned the big three oh! Thats right, I'm now in my thirties and I am really excited about it. I have one demand for every birthday - I must go somewhere that I've never been before. Since this was a milestone year, my friends and family were very sweet and threw me two parties at two places I had never been before.

The first place was Beuasoleil. It's a small bistro with amazing luxury food and a fierce selection of small plates. I had the rabbit over spaetzle in a dijon cream sauce. It was to die for! The second place was Digiulio Brothers. It's a small locally owned Italian restaurant  with delicious and authentic food and wine. Great atmosphere for a party, small and intimate. I had the fettuccine with shrimp and pesto, which was lighter and saltier than I expected.

After that I went into a pretty intense exam period. I swear two weeks of my life were consumed with writing, proctoring, grading, and posting exams. Then Christmas and New Years, which had me shuttling at mach speeds between three different cities for nearly two weeks.

In the mean time I was able to make progress in the last 30 days. The last time I left you I was griping about yoga and my inability to perform like I used to when I was 20. However, I am happy to report that I now have my heels on the mat in downward facing dog and can not cheat my chaturanga at all during class. I even held crow for two breaths. I'll post pictures when I can hold it for five. Other developments include mastery of simple balance poses and getting my foot above my head in dancer.

Tree pose with a majestic southern oak in the rain. #wetinnerthigh
I know I'm bragging, but it's really exciting to get back some of the flexibility that I've lost. Now, if only I could do a split again.

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