Wednesday, February 12, 2014

49 days until GCIR!

What was I thinking when I signed up for this? "This" being the Gulf Coast Interstate Relay.

Seriously, I even dropped out at one point and with 49 days left I put myself back in because I couldn't stand the thought of not following through.

How much prep have I done for this? None! At one point, I had planned to run a half in preparation. However, that brilliant idea fell through when two jobs and holidays caught up to me. I haven't run but once since the first day of school! However, I have been doing boot camp and yoga, so hopefully it won't be such a rough 49 day transition.

Thanks to the polar vortex, my proper Southern self can't step foot outdoors without turning into a block of ice. I've been using it as an excuse to not run outdoors, but I can no longer avoid training. Tonight, I bite the bullet and run on a dilapidated indoor track. It will be boring going around in circles and it will be loud, but unless I want to run in the freezing cold fog, I have no other choice. 

49 days and counting. Wish me luck.

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