Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Positive Habits to Kick Sugar

One of the hardest things about finding out I was insulin resistant was coming to terms with a restrictive diet. As the daughter of a pastry chef, I was never withheld from sugar in fact, I was my mother's personal taste tester. Even though I was the kid who preferred carrot sticks and water to Kool Aid and donuts, I still had a predilection for cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and sweet tea.

Breaking this sugar thing is hard yo! It's really hard when your favorite local coffee is pushing a 370 calorie King Cake Latte with 48 sugars.

I regret nothing.
Unfortunately, I've had to reel in my sudden impulse to down one of these bad boys every morning by forming some good habits to run interference.

Habit 1: Eat and drink before you leave the house. It's amazing what a quick egg scramble and mug of hot tea can do to counteract loading up on sugar at the local coffee house. Also, pre-gaming lunch or dinner can make wading through a menu a lot easier since you will be able to pick with your mind and not your stomach.

Habit 2: Make a water bottle and your copilot. Easier not to have cravings, when you can just take a sip of water or munch on a handful of almonds. Nuts and nut butter are my favorite on-the-go snacks. I really like the squeezable pouches from Justin's, they are a great size to slip in any bag and are spill proof. Also, never underestimate the power of a good banana.

Habit 3: Cook fresh ingredients ahead of time. This actually used to be a solid habit of mine until I moved in with three teenage girls (Read: exchange student house mom). Then I had to whip up something quiand snack and large every night. Pastas, potatoes, corn, and other starches slowly seeped their sugary way into my diet on the regular, not to mention that I had fallen victim to the boxed Hell of prepared foods. Now I by fresh meat and veg, cook it, and portion it out for over the week.

Habit 4: Say "No, thank you." I was brought up to accept whatever is offered to me, but in the spirit of self preservation and not wanting to incur Type-2 diabetes in the next 5 years things have changed. I am now, as politely as possible, turning down sugary treats and beverages offered to me on the daily.

Habit 5: Partner up! It is difficult to got his road alone and much easier if you have some one in the game with you. Lucky for me, my best friend Laura over at Sweating For It has been on this no sugar no grains kick for a hot minute or two. She's a great sounding board to bounce ideas off. Also, Kev (#supportiveboyfriend) has been choosing to minimize sugar in his life too and eat better. Having people around you that understand the significance of your diet in your life can make the difference in being successful. 

Disclaimer: I am a math teacher, not a doctor. These are habits that work for me and may or may not work for you. 

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