Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spanish Town 2014

The Spanish Town Ball happened last week and I took the boy. It was his first Mardi Gras ball that wasn't a typical ball. If you have never been to Spanish Town, then you need to be filled in on a few things. It's mascot is a pink flamingo. It's theme changes with the political tides and involves aforementioned flamingo. The most important thing to wear is a costume that reflects the theme and that is also pink. If you can't find a costume, you should wear something pink or just a random costume. This year's theme was "Flamingo Dynasty," a play on the popular television show Duck Dynasty. This was indeed fortuitous as the boy and I were able to combine camouflage clothing that we already own with cheap pink camo accessories.

Basking beneath the glow of a flamingo-peacock hybrid.
I like how the random stranger in the back is taking a picture, but the angle makes him look like he walked into a pole.

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all

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