Monday, February 24, 2014

The True Love Story of a Girl and her Lake

<3 After 4.1 miles. Regrettably with filter. <3
My love affair with the LSU Lakes started when I was a child. I could see them from the interstate and was intrigued by the narrow road that separated them. Imagine my surprise, when my mother took me down and showed me that people actually ran and walked on the roads. There are 4 lakes in the LSU lake system, but mine is the "big one," the one that meanders through Sorority Row, past churches, and along the other two lakes. It is 4.1 miles in circumference and it is my favorite place to train. One of the things I love is the predictability. I know my pace by where I am and can gauge myself on my surroundings. I also can expect a variety of things like the smells that come with passing bird sanctuaries and carefully tended floral gardens, flocks of geese or white pelicans depending upon season, and that one old dude wearing the Kenyan flag jacket that passes me twice in the time it takes me to get around the lake once. One day, I'm gonna be so fast that he'll only pass me once. My lake is like an old friendly training buddy. I sure do love it.

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