Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Sugar No Gluten - 3 Month Mark

Around the end of last year, I discovered that I have Insulin Resistance and embarked on a life of minimal sugar. Around the same time, I also learned that I have a gluten sensitivity and would have to restrict my gluten intake as well. I'm not going to lie to you, being on a restriction diet is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. Learning to form new habits and overcome old cravings is a constant battle, especially during Mardi Gras when king cakes abound.

The delicious enemy!
For the better part of 3 months I have done a stellar job of watching my sugar intake, only sticking to natural sugars in fruits and a teaspoon of honey at most per day. I've also been able to maintain a relatively strong gluten free diet. I have so much more energy and am able to focus more clearly on things. It's really nice to not feel energized and be able to effectively complete my day instead of dragging along like I used to. However, as I am prone to do during Mardi Gras, I fell off the wagon. I had all the favorite southern delights. King cake, sweet tea, mac and cheese, fried chicken … you name it, I ate it and in turn was sick for 2 days straight. I'm talking a 3 hour nap at 1 pm from extreme sugar crash on Mardi Gras day. LESSON LEARNED!! So, now it's back to discovering new ways to prepare old foods and making better choices.

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