Thursday, April 16, 2015

Watch Out Now!

My friend Laura and I used to joke about marrying into our friend Amy's family for the weekend crawfish boils, swim parties, and family vacations. It was a pretty long running joke that we never thought would be a reality. As luck would have it, I ended up being single at the same time as Amy's cousin and BAM! Sparks flew people! It was a match made in heaven and I somehow pulled off the unthinkable. I didn't just date my way into the family, I dated Laura and her husband, Mo, in too. Last summer for 4th of July Laura, Mo, and I got to do something we have been waiting eleven years for ... go to Grand Isle with Amy's family.

I know Grand Isle isn't an epic resort. It is a barrier island with a muddy beach, fishing camps, and not much else. But we finally got to go and it was amazing! We ran the length of the island in the morning. We laid out and caught some sun midday. We took naps on porch swings and we paid way too much for a sno-ball. In the afternoon we took the Jeeps out to the beach at Elmer's Island and rode around in the sand. It was everything we ever dreamed of ... Well, Almost.

We wanted to go fishing. The boys got up at the crack of dawn and scooted out too early for us to tag along. So, we made them bring us in the afternoon. They brought us out to a fishing spot on the shore and we had a great time, but we still were not content. We wanted to fish from the boat. This boat was not just any boat. It was Amy's dad's boat. It was the legendary Basshole! A sleek white vessel with Basshole blue accents, it was too good to pass up! Besides, you got a cool monogrammed hat when you went fishing in it. We had a great time catching mackerel in the gulf. Well, everyone caught a mackerel but me. Apparently, I can only catch pompano.

Oh well, there's always next time!
Clockwise from top right: Amy, B-Rad, Laura, Kev, Fallon

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